• Zero Salt
    VOW is Vapour Distilled Premium Water.
    Zero Salt. Zero Fluoride/Chlorine, Zero Inorganic Minerals
  • Vapour Pure Hydration
    Every system in your body runs on water.....not soda,
    nor energy drinks nor any other liquid
  • VOW
  • Good Health is an investment
    Choose the purest water possible. Choose VOW
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Water for Every Body

our bodies are approx 70% water, our brain 75%, muscle is approx 83% studies show that a 2% drop in hydration effects our thinking and performance. .

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Where to Find VOW

VOW is available in a range of Irish Health Stores and Gyms. We also offer a dispatch service directly to you if so requried.

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What Experts Say

The feedback from our revolutionary Water has been astonishing! Check out Experts Section for direct feedback.

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Welcome to VOW

Zero Salt - Zero Inorganic Minerials

Vapour Distilled for Purity

Pure Water is the worlds first and foremost medicine - Slovakian Proverb


“Our vow is simply to bring you the clearest, purest, best  water we possibly can - Vapour Only Water. 
Vapour Distilled to perfection with a fresh light clarity your taste buds will love”

VOW originated from our passion and interest in health, sports and fitness, what really works to help us stay healthy, get healthier, and have greater levels of energy for life.
We knew that among all the nutrients we consume, water is as one scientist described it, “the Indispensable Nutrient” on which all life depends. Nature had already perfected the method to give us beautiful drinking water, but we have messed up putting our natural resources under massive pressure with chemicals, pesticides, industrial waste etc . It now takes the addition of a lot of chemicals to make water safe for drinking. 

We looked for the answer and got inspired...
And so today from nature’s original gift, using a little science, we produce VoW. Pristine great tasting water for you and all your family to enjoy.


Drop by Perfect Drop...

We bottle only the best VOW. Water with nothing in it. Enjoy it as part of a varied and balanced  diet for a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know...

“What a person Eats and Drinks becomes his own body chemistry”

Dr. Paul Bragg, Ph. D.


What our customers have to say

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